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Fitness Basics



Exercise and Physical Fitness Basics

If you are interested in starting an exercise program in order to achieve physical fitness, there is some basic information about exercise and fitness that you should know first. Before you begin any exercise program, be sure to analyze your exercise needs first. Are you out of shape and overweight? Do you have any health concerns that need to be taken into consideration before you start your program? Do you have any time or financial constraints? Answering these questions first will help you to choose a fitness program that will work for you.

Exercise 30 Minutes a Day to Keep the Doctor Away

In order to achieve physical fitness you will need to exercise at least 30 minutes a day, five days a week. If you have any health problems, or are just plain out of shape, you may not be able to start out on a 30 minute a day, five days a week, exercise program. If possible talk to your doctor before beginning a fitness program, and start your program slowly. Gradually introduce more exercises into your program, and lengthen the amount of time you spend on your program.


Find a Program That You Can Stick To

No exercise program will result in physical fitness unless you can stick to it. If you are person who enjoys the outdoors, you may find walking, jogging, or bicycling more enjoyable than exercising indoors. If you want to exercise indoors, but you are not comfortable going to a gym, exercise videos or a home gym may be the best choice for you. The goal is to find an exercise program that is fun and rewarding for you. A fitness program should not cause you pain, and should not be difficult for you to follow.

You Can Achieve Physical Fitness

Before you begin any exercise program you have to believe in yourself first. Know that you can find a program that you can stick to, you can achieve physical fitness, and you can change your life and improve your health. Physical fitness is not impossible; it just takes a little work and effort on your part. Do not become discouraged if the first program you choose does not work for you. Instead of giving up, try another program instead. If you have a few false starts do not give up. Keep trying and eventually you will start to enjoy, and even look forward to, your exercise routine. It may help to talk to friends, family, and coworkers about beginning your exercise routine; any emotional support from outside sources can provide that extra bit of motivation that you may need to stick to your program.

On Your Way to Physical Fitness

Once you answer important questions about your exercise needs, you will be on your way to finding an exercise routine that will work for you. Find your motivation, and do not become discouraged. Remember to talk to a doctor, if possible, before starting any exercise program.