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Choosing the Right Fitness Video for You

If you would like to exercise at home in order to become physically fit, fitness videos and fitness dvds are an excellent resource to consider. However, there are literally thousands of exercise videos on the market today, and hundreds of new exercise and fitness dvds; it can be a daunting task trying to find an exercise video, or dvd, that will suit your fitness needs. Here are some tips that will help you to decide what type of fitness video, or fitness dvd, to use.

Choose a Fitness Video That Matches Your Level of Exercise

It is important to exercise with a fitness video that matches your level of exercise needs. If you have not exercised in a long time, or you do not know very much about proper exercise habits, choose a beginners exercise video. These programs should focus on teaching you how to properly warm up before exercising, how to maintain good posture while your exercise, and how to cool down at the end of your routine. Do not become discouraged if you cannot complete the entire exercise video on the first few tries, and do not hurt yourself trying to finish the program. Complete as much of the exercise video as you can and then fast forward to the cool down portion of the program. Fitness videos that focus on intermediate, and advanced, levels of exercise should only be used after you have successfully completed the beginning exercise video.


If you have specific fitness exercise needs, talk to your doctor first and find an exercise video that addresses these needs. Fitness videos and exercise dvds have been created for individuals who are pregnant, elderly, out of shape, overweight, and who have specific physical limitations.

Research Fitness Videos Before You Buy

Not all fitness videos and fitness dvds are created by experts. Research your fitness video before you buy. Consumer reports and reviews on fitness videos and new fitness dvds are available on the Internet. Talk with instructors at fitness clubs and exercise centers to gain their insight on which fitness videos they prefer. Fitness magazines sometimes write reviews on exercise dvds and videos. You can also go to a video store and rent an exercise video or exercise dvd first to see if you like the program it offers.

Find a Fitness Video That Meets Your Interests

Exercise should not be boring. To find an exercise routine that keeps you interested and motivated, find an exercise video or exercise dvd that focuses on an exercise program that interests you. Do not hesitate to update your fitness videos once you become bored with them. Old exercise videos can be sold at garage sales and through eBay, or you can donate your fitness videos to the local library. New exercise dvds on subjects such as kickboxing, pilates, and tai chi, will provide you with interesting and advanced fitness programs for your home exercise routine.