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Fitness Basics



Fitness Magazines

If you are interested in learning more about fitness and exercise, or you would like to enhance your exercise routine, fitness magazines can be a helpful educational resource. Keep in mind that some fitness magazines are loaded with advertisements for exercise equipment, machines, and weight loss products. Use your own judgment when you see these advertisements. No weight loss product will help you to lose weight without diet and exercise. You should also seek reviews from different resources on exercise equipment before you decide to buy.

Popular Health Magazines

Magazines which promote fitness through healthy eating and exercise can help you to develop, and maintain, healthy lifestyle habits. Some of the most popular health magazines today include: Prevention Magazine, Men's Health, Shape Magazine, Health Magazine, Self Magazine, and Men's Fitness Magazine. Most of these magazines contain additional articles on relationships, sex, travel, careers, and beauty tips. The extra information provided in these articles will help you to lead a lifestyle which focuses on your mental and physical health and well being.


Popular Body Building Magazines

If you are serious about body building, and becoming fit through the use of weights, you should take a look at body building and weight lifting magazines. These magazines cater to people who are serious about fitness. Popular men's body building magazines include: Flex Magazine, Hardcore Muscle Magazine, Ironman Magazine, Monster Muscle Magazine, and Muscular Development Magazine. Magazines that are created specifically for women who are interested in body building include: Muscle Elegance Magazine, Muscle and Fitness Hers Magazine, Irony Magazine, and Women's Physique World.

Unique Fitness Magazines

If you have unique fitness needs, or you are interested in a specific exercise program, look for a magazine that focuses on your exercise interests. For example, Fit Pregnancy Magazine is an excellent resource for pregnant women who are committed to staying fit throughout their pregnancy. OH Magazine caters towards overweight persons who are interested in losing weight; OH Magazine also contains article features on health topics that are specific for those who are overweight. If you are interested in staying fit through yoga, some popular yoga magazines include: Yoga Journal Magazine, Ascent Magazine, and Yoga Magazine.

Fitness Magazine Resources

Free reviews and past archives of fitness magazines are available through many Internet websites. If you are interested in a specific fitness magazine, check out the reviews and past issues of the magazine before you commit yourself to a subscription. Book stores and libraries also have a large selection of fitness magazines that you can look through.