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Fitness Basics



Women and Fitness

Women today often feel discouraged about their own body shape and size. Movies, T.V., and advertisements are full of extraordinary women with beautiful, fit, bodies. Most women know that they can never look like a supermodel, no matter how much they try, and they lose their own motivation to exercise and become physically fit. If you are a woman who feels bad about your body, don't; a physically fit body is a beautiful body, no matter what size or shape. More importantly, a physically fit body is a healthy body. Here are some helpful hints that can put you on the road towards feeling better about yourself and living a healthy lifestyle.

Women's Fitness and Nutrition

One of the largest misconceptions that women have about fitness is that a fit body is a skinny body. In order to lose weight a lot of women go on crash diets or starve themselves in order to achieve a slim look. Drastically reducing your caloric intake can help you to lose weight, but you will be losing mostly muscle mass. Poor nutrition can also cause some serious unwanted side effects, especially for the female body; increased signs of aging, thin and weak nails, thinning hair, osteoporosis, and fatigue are the results of a poor diet. To lose weight in a healthy way, and to become a fit woman, you must eat a nutritionally balanced diet.


Women and Weights

Many women are afraid of including weights in their exercise routine because they think they will lose their feminine look. This is simply not true. Body sculpting with weights will actually help you to look slimmer and will emphasize the feminine curves of your body. The female body does require different weights than men, and exercise weights have been designed specifically for women's fitness.

Fitness Just For Women

A number of fitness programs have been created that are tailored to meet the unique fitness needs of the female body. These programs cater to the physical, and emotional, aspects of women's fitness and health. If you are having problems exercising and becoming fit on your own, try to find a women's fitness program that will work for you. At these programs you will learn how to exercise and eat right, and you will find the emotional support from other women like you who want to be fit and healthy.

Learn To Love Your Body

If you feel bad about the way you look now, exercise and a healthy diet can help you to look better and to increase your self esteem. Once you start a fitness program for women, concentrate on the aspects of your body that you like and what parts of your body you want to improve. Do not become discouraged and mentally beat yourself up because you do not look like a supermodel. Every woman is beautiful in her own way, including you! Find a women's fitness program that will work for you today.