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Fitness Basics



Tips On Anti-Aging Exercises

Exercise will not only keep you fit and healthy, exercise will also help to offset the signs of aging. As we grow older our muscle mass decreases and become less flexible, our bone density decreases, and our energy levels go down. To slow down these aging processes it is important to maintain a regular exercise program throughout your life. If you have not exercised throughout most of your life, it is still not too late. Exercise is for everyone, regardless of age.

Anti-Aging Fitness Programs

In order to keep ourselves looking, and feeling, young it is important to begin a well rounded fitness program. A complete anti-aging fitness program will include these three components: flexibility training, cardiovascular training, and strength training. Exercise clubs and fitness centers often offer classes specifically for those of us who are getting older. Exercise videos have been created which cater to the unique needs of the elderly; some of these videos are even designed for people who can no longer walk or who cannot exercise while they are standing up. Just make sure that the program you choose includes the three essential components of anti-age exercises.

Stay Young Through Flexibility Training

Flexibility training will help you to maintain the tone and health of your muscles as you grow older. Keeping your muscles flexible will improve your balance and posture, and can reduce the effects of accidental injuries. It is important to include all of your muscle groups in exercises which focus on flexibility. Pay particular attention to exercises which stretch the muscles around your hips, knees, arms, shoulders, back, and neck.


Anti-Aging Cardiovascular Exercises

Cardiovascular training will help you to retain your muscle mass as you grow older, will strengthen your heart and lungs, and will increase your physical endurance. Exercises such as walking, hiking, dancing, swimming, and jogging are all effective cardiovascular exercises. Performing these exercises as little as 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week, will help to offset the signs of aging.

Strength Training Exercises

No anti-aging exercise routine is complete without strength training. Unfortunately this is the component of fitness that is often neglected as we grow older. In order to maintain muscle mass, especially in the latter years of your life, it is important to include weight resistance exercises in your fitness routine. Exercising with weights will also help you to maintain the strength of your bones; exercising consistently with weights can reduce, and even prevent, incidences of osteoporosis and fractures. The importance of strength training excises cannot be emphasized enough. Do not neglect this very important aspect in your fitness program.