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Fitness Basics



Dumbbell Exercise Guidelines

Exercising with dumbbells will help to strengthen and tone your chest, shoulders, back, stomach, abdomen, and thighs. Here are some helpful guidelines that you should read before you begin using dumbbells to enhance your fitness routine.

Dumbbell Exercises and Safety

Before you begin any exercises, you will need to warm your body up first to prevent injuries and muscle strain; dumbbell exercises are no exception. Begin your dumbbell session with a 5-10 warm up period paying particular attention to the areas you tend to work out.

If possible, have a spotter with you while you are exercising with dumbbells. If you do not have a spotter use extra caution when you are working out with weights. Listen to your body and avoid putting yourself in a dangerous situation.

Do not suddenly drop weights to the floor; the rapid release of tension in the muscles that occurs when weights are dropped can cause injury to the muscles. Always finish your dumbbell exercise session with a 5-10 minute cool down period.


Dumbbell Exercise Position and Body Form

It is imperative that you maintain correct posture and body form while you are using dumbbells. An ineffective work out, and muscle injuries, will result from improper use of dumbbells. Begin your dumbbell routine with light weights. Using light weights will enable you to practice maintaining proper form while you are exercising. Gradually increase the weights over time, but continue to pay attention to your form.

If you have never used dumbbells before, and you would like to begin a home dumbbell routine, it is strongly advised that you use dumbbells at a gym first. A personal trainer, or fitness instructor, can teach you how to use the dumbbells; instructors can also help you to implement good posture and form at the beginning of your dumbbell exercises.

Dumbbell Exercise Resources

Exercise videos, magazines, books, and Internet resources can help you to learn more about dumbbell exercises. There are hundreds of different types of exercises that can be performed with dumbbells, and each of these exercises will target specific muscle groups. The best way to begin exercising with dumbbells is at a fitness club or exercise center. If you cannot begin dumbbell exercises at a gym make sure that you use a variety of resources to educate yourself about proper dumbbell use. The more you know about exercising with dumbbells, the more effective your exercises will be. Educating yourself about dumbbell use will also help you to avoid injuries and muscle strain.