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Fitness Basics



Exercises for Kids

The number of overweight children has risen dramatically in the past 25 years. Overweight children are at risk for such health problems as sleep apnea, joint stress, and developing diabetes. Negative body images of overweight children can lead to low self esteem, social anxiety, and eating disorders.

However the news isn't all that bad. Kids today have more options when it comes to exercising. The sooner children begin a daily exercise routine, the better. The exercise habits that are instilled in children will carry over into their adulthood and will help them to implement healthy lifestyle habits that will last them a lifetime.

Traditional Exercises for Kids

Enrolling your child in a sport program is a great way for your child to burn off extra calories. Soccer, baseball, tennis, dancing, football, and swimming programs are just some of many sport programs that are available for kids. Talk with your child and decide what would be the best program together. Do not become discouraged if the first few programs do not work, or your child decides not to continue with it. Never force a child to continue playing a sport when they are unhappy with it. These sports should be enjoyable for your child and will help them to learn to love their exercise.


Exercise Programs for Overweight Kids

Due to the increase in overweight children, exercise programs have been created specifically for kids. Fitness clubs and exercise centers are incorporating exercise routines for children into their programs. Check at your nearest fitness centers to see if some of these classes are available. If your child is not comfortable going to a gym, exercise at home through exercise videos is another option; new exercise videos are available that have been designed to meet the unique exercise needs of overweight children.

Video Games and Exercise

Interactive video games are perfect for children who love television and video games. These new generation video games will help to get the kids off the couch and get moving. Some of the interactive sport video games that are available include: tennis, baseball, golf, bowling, boxing, and dancing.

Exercise with Your Child

Creating inventive ways for you and your child to exercise together will give you, and your child, many happy memories. A hike through the woods can turn into a game of exploring and learning about nature. Flying kites is a great way to burn off some extra calories through running; snowball fights and ice skating will keep away extra winter weight. Exercising together will help your family to become physically fit and to live a healthy lifestyle.