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Fitness Basics



Pregnancy and Exercise

It is very important for you to stay in shape during your pregnancy. If you are out of shape at the beginning of your pregnancy, do not begin an intense exercise program or make drastic changes to your diet, talk with your physician about what your best exercise options are. Staying fit while you are pregnant will increase your energy levels, and will decrease your recovery time after the birth.

Pregnancy and Exercise Safety Precautions

Talk to your physician first before you begin any exercise program while you are pregnant. Listen to your body, and if you feel tired or dizzy stop exercising immediately. Drink plenty of water before and after your exercises, and make sure you wear loose, comfortable, clothing. Warm up slowly before you begin your exercises, and have a cool down period after exercising. If your exercise routine includes floor exercises, be careful when you are getting up from the floor; always get up slowly and if possible have another person with you to help.


The Best Pregnancy Exercise

Swimming is, without a doubt, the safest exercise for your pregnancy. Swimming exercises all the major muscle groups, increases your cardiovascular endurance, and gives your body a rest from the extra weight you are carrying. Swimming is especially beneficial during the latter stages of pregnancy when many women feel physically, and emotionally, strained. Swimming will relax your entire body and your mind.

Pregnancy and Walking

Walking is another exercise that you can do throughout your entire pregnancy. Talk with your doctor about how much walking you should be doing during each of your trimesters. Walking will not only keep you in shape during your pregnancy; walking will also help to relieve swelling in your legs and ankles. While you are walking, try to maintain good posture habits to keep the extra weight strain off of your back.

Pregnancy and Yoga

Specific yoga classes have been designed to suit the unique needs of pregnant women. These yoga routines will help you to maintain your balance and flexibility during your pregnancy. Yoga focuses on mental relaxation as well as physical health. Yoga for pregnancy will teach you how to breathe, and relax, during your labor. These classes can also introduce you to a community of other pregnant women; the emotional support that you receive, and give, during these classes can turn your pregnancy into a very positive experience. If you are unable to join a yoga class, there are yoga for pregnancy exercise videos available. Talk to your doctor before you begin any yoga exercises.