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Exercise for Your Stomach

Extra weight in the stomach and waist area is associated with heart disease, diabetes, and gastroesophageal reflux disease. If you are interested in losing weight around your stomach area, and decreasing your chances of developing these health risks, only hard work and exercise will work. It would be nice if there was a magic pill, or dietary supplement, that we could take to melt away the stomach flab and give us flat toned stomachs; however, this product does not exist. If you want to lose weight around your stomach, and tone your stomach area, you will need to do some serious stomach exercises and commit yourself to a nutritional diet. Here are some stomach exercises that you can do at home to help tone the area around your stomach. If you are really committed to toning up your stomach area, you may want to join a gym or fitness club. Remember that no exercises should cause you pain or discomfort.

Sit-ups for Your Stomach

In order to perform an effective sit-up it is important that your feet remain flat on the floor. If possible, have a partner hold your feet down while you perform your sit-ups; if you do not have a partner try locking your feet under the bottom of your couch, or some other object, to keep your legs from lifting up when you sit-up. If you are unable to do a full sit-up do not become discouraged; sit-up as far as you can, and over time you will eventually be able to perform a full sit-up. Do as many sit-ups as you can, but start out slowly; overzealous sit-up routines will usually result in a very sore stomach and can prevent you from continuing with a daily sit-up routine.


Waist Away Your Stomach Weight

In order to lose weight around your stomach, it is important to perform exercises that tone up the area around your waist. Broom twists are fun, and easy, exercises that will help to trim your waistline. Stand up straight and hold a broom at a horizontal level behind your head. Interlock your arms around the broom and slowly twist from the left and then to the right. Keep your back perfectly straight during this exercise, and do not move your hips or your legs. Then, gently bend yourself down to the left, up, and then down to the right, while still holding onto the broom. Perform these exercises for as long as you can on a daily basis.

Good Posture to Strengthen Your Stomach

Throughout your day, try to maintain good posture. Keep your shoulders back, and your stomach tucked in. Training yourself to hold your stomach in will strengthen and tone your stomach over time.